• Adtech, Inc. (Tier One Manufacturer) 
  • American Home Video Corporation (Jack Eckerd Corporation) 
  • American Reprographics
  • ANR Freight
  • BioImage Corporation (Now, Genomic Solutions, Inc.)
  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Michigan
  • Bodman, LLP
  • Robert Bosch Corporation
  • Chrysler (Now, part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles)
  • Core Industries
  • Country Club of Detroit
  • Daimler AG
  • City of Detroit, MI
  • Delphi Automotive System
  • City of Ferndale, MI
  • City of Flint, MI
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Gallup-Silkworth Company
  • GeoSpectra Corporation
  • General Mills
  • Guardian Industries
  • Hartland Township, MI
  • Lehman Brothers
  • Manufacturers Bank (now Comerica)
  • MascoTech (Now, part of Metaldyne)
  •, Inc.
  • Morgan Stanley & Co.
  • Motorola
  • NETI Technologies, Inc.
  • Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corp.
  • Observer and Eccentric Newspapers
  • On Star
  • Pontiac, MI
  • Tech Park West, LLC
  • Textron Automotive
  • Tuscola County, MI
  • U.S. MidTel Corporation
  • Washtenaw County, MI
  • Wickes Manufacturing



ClientNature of Assignment
Major Midwestern City (Detroit, MI)Project to (i) estimate the unfunded liability for Detroit’s retiree-health care program, (ii) assess the adequacy and the impact of funding for Detroit’s pension and health care benefits, (iii) provide benchmarks to compare Detroit’s funding and assumptions with other municipalities, and (iv) recommend cost-reduction strategies. Absent major restructuring, JLBI predicted insolvency 7 to 8 years (2012 or 2013), which was correct.

Title of Report: A Challenge Facing the City of Detroit: Funding the City’s Retiree Health Care and Pension Benefits (Dated: April 20, 2005) (Report included a section on Chapter 9 Bankruptcy.)
Medium-sized Midwestern CountyProject to opine on the desirability of issuing $168.5 million in Certificates of Participation to fully fund Washtenaw County’s retiree health care obligations.

Title of Report: A Decision Facing Washtenaw County: Funding the Countyu2019s Medical Benefit (VEBA) Trust (Dated: July 2, 2008)
Medium-sized Midwestern CountyProject to estimate the funding requirements and the unfunded liabilities for 2009-2011 for Washtenaw County’s Employees Retirement Trust (WCERS) and for Washtenaw County’s Retiree Medical Benefit Trust (VEBA).

Title of Report: An Estimate of Funding Requirements for 2009-2011 for Washtenaw County's Pension Trust (WCERS) and Retiree Medical Benefit Trust (VEBA)
Small Midwestern CityProject to assess the reasonableness of The City of Ferndale’s staffing levels to those of ten selected “comparable” cities. Also, to assess Ferndale’s financial ability to support its staffing levels.

Title of Report: A Benchmarking Assessment of Comparable Cities Used to Assess the Staffing Levels for the City of Ferndale
Medium-sized Midwestern CityProject to analyze the impact upon the City of Pontiac – including the impact upon costs for pensions and health care (for employees and retirees) -- if the City’s Police Operations are transferred to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department.

Title of Report: An Analysis of Pension and Retiree-Healthcare Considerations for the City of Pontiac if the City's Police Operations are Transferred to the Oakland County Sheriff's Department
Small Midwestern Township Project to develop a stochastic model to (i) analyze the possible cash shortfalls in Hartland Township’s Sewer-Bond Fund resulting from delinquent tax payments, (ii) to develop a program to manage the shortfalls, and (iii) to provide a clear basis for improving the Township’s sewer-bond rating (which was successful).

Title of Report: A 20-Year Challenge Facing Hartland Township: Estimating and Managing the Cash Shortfalls in the Sewer-Bond Fund Resulting from Delinquent Tax Payments
Medium-sized Midwestern CityProject to develop a “Model for Change” for the City of Flint – with emphasis upon revenue generation, cost reduction (including legacy costs and staffing costs), and auditing.

Title of Report: FLINT, MICHIGAN – Model for Change – Mini-Assessment Report (J.L. Boyle International co-developed this report under the auspices of SETTLEmate, Inc. – headed by Val Washington, Former State of Michigan Deputy Treasurer overseeing the State of Michigan’s Emergency-Financial-Manager Program.)

Manufacturing Firms

Client / Product / ServiceNature of Assignment
Tier 1 Manufacturer of Machine Tools and Cutting ToolsArranged leveraged buyout for client. Provided interim CEO during turnaround phase. Negotiated joint manufacturing venture with Japanese trading company (Nissho lwai, Tokyo) and Japanese manufacturer. Arranged for separate sale of two divisions.
Tier 1 Stamping SupplierPrincipal served as interim CFO during turnaround phase.
Tier 1 Fortune 100 Brake SupplierAssisted company's efforts to obtain relationship and substantial new business with critical OEM.
Tier 1 Supplier of Suspension ComponentsDeveloped strategic plan to achieve 150% of growth in 7 years. Plan was implemented and goal achieved in 4 years.
Tier 1 Fortune 500 Supplier of Stampings and ForgingsDeveloped acquisition strategy and identified and evaluated acquisition candidates. Assisted with negotiations. Increased client's aftermarket business by 30%.
Manufacturer of Fluid Pump SystemsDeveloped strategic plan and worked with owner to find a partner and to raise private equity.
Toy and Game ManufacturerAssisted Founder with starting company and developing initial business plan .
Manufacturer of Proprietary Fiber Optic Lighting SystemsWorked with management to develop turnaround strategy for international research, development, and manufacturing company.
Commercial and Industrial Air Filtration SystemsWorked with management and new investors to develop turnaround strategy.
Commercial Car and Truck Washing EquipmentWorked with management to develop turnaround strategy.
Heavy Machinery ManufacturerDeveloped and helped implement a corporate reorganization to improve profitability for international manufacturer.

Retail Firms

Client / Product / ServiceNature of Assignment
Retail Sales of Video Hardware and SoftwareWorked with management during turnaround phase and during period of rapid national growth (expanding from 70 to 151 stores in 9 months). Principal served as interim Executive Vice President of Operations. Company sold to Fortune 1000 company.
Wholesale Distributor of Gas and Oil / Retail Convenience Store ChainPrincipal served as COO of Michigan's largest gas and oil jobber during turnaround and high-growth phase. Later, company sold to privately-held Canadian corporation.
Holding Company for Four Franchise Pizza OutletsWorked with Founder to develop business plan for launching franchised pizza outlets in major metropolitan area.
Retail Computer StoresWorked with management to develop strategic plan for second-round financing.
Retail Auto PartsMarketed client's assets to buyers.

Technology Firms

Client / Product / ServiceNature of Assignment
Medical ImagingWorked with Founder to launch company and to raise initial capital. Principal served as interim President. Company sold to Fortune 100 company, then taken "private" again, and later became publicly-traded.
Software for Unix Operating SystemsEngaged by outside shareholder to advise management on strategic issues during period of reorganization.
Remote Sensing and Multi-Spectral Image ProcessingAdvised owner during turnaround phase. Served on Advisory Board and provided periodic consulting services.
Accounts Receivable Collection Systems for HospitalsDeveloped initial business plan. Most of company's operations sold to privately-held company in Great Britain.
Computer-Aided Software EngineeringAdvised management regarding strategy during turnaround phase. Worked with management to develop its first strategic plan.
Internet Service ProviderProvided interim CEO and worked with Founder to manage growth of company. Company turned cash-flow positive in third month of operation. Sold to privately-held holding company. Principal served on Board of Directors.
Interactive Computer Software (Conferencing Software)Worked with Founder to develop strategic plan and raise initial private capital. Took interim position as President during startup phase. Served on Board of Advisors.
Hospital and Medical Databases and Software Systems"Wound down" the company without filing for bankruptcy. Advised Board of Directors on strategic issues and took interim position as CEO.
Integrated (Voice and Data) Communications Provider/Facilities-Based Competitive Local Exchange CarrierProvided interim CEO and worked with Founders to launch company. Company turned cash-flow positive in second year of operation. Company sold to privately-held holding company. Principal served on Board of Directors.

Service Firms

Client / Service / ProductNature of Assignment
Executive SearchWorked with President to establish strategy for building volume. Purchased equity interest and participated in a number of major executive searches for Fortune 1000 clients.
Recycling Industrial OilWorked with financial backers to develop strategic plan for reorganization and rapid growth.
Installation and Service of Automobile Air and Vacuum MachineWorked with owner during restructuring phase. Served on company's Board of Advisors.
Medical Software Systems and ConsultingAdvised management (and owners) with regard to technical and strategic issues during period of reorganization.
Industrial Chemical StrippingOversaw plant closing and environmental cleanup.
Custom Telephone Communications SystemsAdvised management during bankruptcy proceedings.
Holding Company for Animal HospitalsAdvised management during acquisition and turnaround of additional hospitals.

Financial Services Firms

Client / Product / ServiceNature of Assignment
Computer Equipment LeasingWorked with management during turnaround phase. Developed strategic plan and assisted in raising additional capital. Provided interim President.
Structured Insurance SettlementsDeveloped business plan to assess feasibility of expanding business nationwide.
Major Regional BankConducted compensation study for proposed new retail bank operations.
Computer Equipment Sales and LeasingConducted management audit of subsidiary as first step in developing a turnaround strategy.

Real Estate

Client / Product / ServiceNature of Assignment
Industrial Office ParkDeveloped and implemented turnaround strategy, including re-financing.

Healthcare Firms

Client / Product / ServiceNature of Assignment
Hospital SystemWorked with management during turnaround phase. Developed strategic plan including a plan for automotive company and supplier group involvement. Required buy-in from each of five hospital directors.
Center fornCancer Economics, Technology Assessment, Innovation, and DevelopmentDeveloped business plan for $8 million project to supplant x-ray mammography with ultrasound. Assignment included funding effort to capital markets and application of cutting edge technologies in holography and tomography.
Radiation Oncology Treatment ProtocolPrincipal served as interim COO for start-up venture with General Motors and Chrysler affiliation.

Litigation Support

ClientNature of Assignment
Investment Banker & Law FirmProvided statistical support to defend against claims that Investment Banker had, through a high churn rate, reduced the 13-year return on a large trust fund below reasonable expectations. JLBI analysis showed that the return was within the statistical midrange of investment returns for that period. No award was given.
Law Firm & Retail BusinessProvided strategy and statistical support to thwart claims by local energy provider that energy theft of $650,000 had occurred and to thwart the threat of criminal indictments. JLBI's analysis showed, among other things, that the energy provider's practices did not conform to Public-Service-Commission mandates and that the billing system was rigged to overbill on estimates and that the meters did not measure actual consumption. The claims were settled for $55,000, and no criminal indictments were sought.
Law Firm & Business OwnerWorked with Plaintiff and Plaintiff's counsel to value a business lost by Plaintiff due to fraud and complicity of major bank. Judge accepted JLBI's analysis of value which was more than 6X the value claimed by the defense.
Prominent AttorneyProvided actuarial support to client who was divorcing his wife who happened to be a judge. The divorce had dragged on for two years with no settlement due to the complex nature of the assets involved. JLBI's analysis documented that the real value of the wife's pension was more than 6X the value claimed by her actuaries, and the divorce was settled within a month of submitting JLBI's analysis to the court.
Law Firm & Business OwnerJLBI was called upon to review over 110,000 pages of documents to document Plaintiffs' fraud claims against a Big Five accounting firm and a telecommunications company. Plaintiffs received out-of-court settlements from both Defendants.
Family Law PractitionersJLBI has provided pension valuations for numerous divorce cases mostly involving pensions from major corporations. None of JLBI's analyses were ever challenged.